About EnableVentures, Inc.

EnableVentures, Inc. was founded in 2005 with the mission of providing the most efficient entrepreneurial training to entrepreneurs starting new businesses. Our initial focus was on high-technology ventures but we have found our tools, techniques and methods are equally applicable to a wide variety of new ventures including service industries, agriculture, non-profit, and manufacturing companies.

It is very difficult for a first-time entrepreneur to rapidly develop their his idea into a feasible business plan and a compelling business story. Entrepreneurs need education, insight, tools, techniques, methods and processes to be successful. Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training is designed to meet these needs.

Our Offerings
Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training is a disciplined, demanding process by which an entrepreneur or innovator develops a compelling story about how their idea creates value for their customers, and the supporting plan for his or her venture. This training currently reaches over 30 countries and over 200 US universities, directly and through our licensees and partners.

Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training is a unique methodology based on over a decade of continous use and proven results. This training was inspired by work at UCSD CONNECT and the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, the JAMK University of Applied Sciences and University of Jyväskylä in Finland, the University of Kentucky’s Entrepreneurial Coaches Institute, and Arizona State University. Licensees include Arizona State University, Baylor University, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. We offer many university programs through our national partner, the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA).

You can learn more about the Supercoach® methodology by downloading and reading our paper titled "Coaching Entrepreneurs the Supercoach® way". It describes the methodology and will give you a good idea what Supercoach® training is about and the benefits it can provide you. Click on pdf icon to download. PDF Bullet

The Supercoach® methodology has been adopted and used by a number of Universities to provide a powerful framework for both professional development and for-credit entrepreneurial education and training. Arizona State University's programs are good examples of the use of Supercoach® in a university setting. The ASU Technopolis (now called Venture Catalyst) Launch Pad program is described in the this paper. Click on the pdf icon at the end of this paragraph to download.PDF Bullet

Many startup businesses have a difficult time finding startup funding. The US Government's SBIR program offers funding that can be used to help launch high technology and life science companies. EnableVentures, Inc. principals have over 30 years of success with the SBIR program. We offer proposal writing workshops to help entrepreneurs write winning Phase I and Phase II proposals, and one to one coaching during the proposal preparation process.

Our People
Sharon C. Ballard is President and CEO of EnableVentures, Inc., and former President and Chief Executive and co-founder of Reticular Systems, Inc. She held management posts in Titan Corporation, Motorola Inc. and LINKABIT Corporation. As the first UCSD CONNECT Management Fellow, she coached over 60 early-stage high technology entrepreneurs. She is the developer of Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training. She has coached entrepreneurs in Europe and across the US, and is one of two founding Management Fellows for Arizona State University’s programs focusing on educating, coaching and networking early-stage entrepreneurs. She has coached thousands of early stage entrepreneurs and positioned them to successfully acquire required resources (funding, people, etc.). She has worked with numerous company founders to develop winning SBIR and bootstrap financing strategies and help launch their companies.

Dr Jonathan Levie is currently Reader (Associate Professor) and academic researcher and former Director of the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde. He has been researching and teaching entrepreneurship for over 30 years and has managed both new and growing firms. He has held research and teaching posts at the London Business School; INSEAD, France; Babson College, US; and University College Cork, Ireland. He created the Technology Entrepreneurship for Postgraduates Programme at the Hunter Centre and an innovative and highly successful MBA course based on Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training techniques.

EnableVentures has over 50 licensees globally and nationally, comprised of experienced business and academic professionals engaged in training entrepreneurs. Lean more about them on our coaches page.