Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training (SET)

SET Student in Class Proven coaching philosophy, system, tools and exercises
• Currently reaching over 30 countries, with participants from over 200 US universities
• Successful across all technology areas
Focuses on HOW business will work -- NOT how to write a business plan
Starts with an oral presentation of plan
• Multi-purpose communications tool
• Easy to update, tailor plans
• Forces clear thinking
• Generates essential data
• Easier to write a plan
Above - A Successful European CEO set aside four days for Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training - he can now explain the specific value his business creates for his clients.
Top-down AND bottom-up financial thinking and planning
• Less focus on venture capital
Supercoach® Entrepreneurial Training participants find the training is a valuable "life-changing experience." Check out their comments.
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